Project 4: Essay 4 Self Review

Project 4: Essay 4 Self Review.

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By now, you should have received feedback from me on the time writing draft of this essay and made some changes to your Essay Project 4. Sometimes, the errors I find in final drafts are small and come from students not necessarily doing a final read of their essays before submitting, or other times, it is not double checking structure.

For this assignment, I ask that you go back and read your essay from start to finish and answer the following questions. I know that these are yes/no questions, so you don’t have to write much.

  1. Does your introduction have a hook? Is there background information after the hook? Is the thesis of the essay the very last sentence of the introduction? If so, great. If not, what will you do to make sure there is a hook, background information and a thesis? Does the thesis give your opinion on the debate rather than just say there is a debate?
  2. Are your body paragraphs organized in PIEIE structure, meaning that you have one Point per paragraph that is in your own words, two pieces of Information (quotes from the articles) and two explanations, one after each information? You can have more than two but two is a minimum.
  3. Do you quotes in each body paragraph fit in with the Point (talk about the same thing)? Is your explanation after each quote as long as or longer than the quote itself?
  4. Do you have a counter argument? Does it give a reason why people would think the opposite of you (rather than just state they do)? Does it start with a signal word that makes it clear it is other people saying it and not you?
  5. Are all of the quotes properly introduced or cited? The first time the text is used, is there a full introduction with the author name, credibility, article name? If you are missing that anywhere, add it!
  6. Is there a works cited page? Is it alphabetical? Is there a hanging indent? If not, fix those errors?
  7. Did you read through, preferably aloud, to make sure there are no typos or grammatical errors?
  8. Do you feel confident this essay meets all the requirements of the assignment? Why or why not?

Project 4: Essay 4 Self Review

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