Project Management

As you get ready to kick off or begin a project as a project manager, it is important to make sure you have client involvement and you ask the correct scoping questions. /0x4*

Identify the points in the project management life cycle where client involvement is needed. As a project manager, what specific actions would you take to ensure the client is fully involved? Project managers also need to ask scoping questions.

Asking the correct preliminary questions is essential to a successful project. Please identify two questions you would need to know the answers to as a project manager. For example, you are likely to ask, why are we doing this? Obviously, there should be a problem that you are trying to solve or an opportunity you would like to take advantage of.

Why is that question important? Please explain in detail what you would ask, what knowledge it brings to the situation, and what you might do with that information once gained.

Use this book as one reference (make sure the APA citations are perfect): Effective Project Management : Traditional, Agile, Extreme, Hybrid Ed.: 8th edition. Indianapolis, IN : Wiley. 2019

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