Project Management: Requirements Breakdown Structure (RBS)

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Develop a short version of the requirements breakdown structure (RBS). The requirements breakdown is a list of project deliverables that the customer and stakeholders can easily identify. These requirements may, and often will, change as the project progresses; however, this will give you a good place to start planning the rest of the project. For an explanation of developing project requirements, please review the following document:
California Department of Technology. (n.d.). Project management framework.


Concentrate on the first two levels: requirements and functions. Your plan should include at least five requirements and two functions. Use the hierarchical format shown in the book or an indented outline.

When creating your list, consider the different kinds of requirements that your project might have, such as:

Project requirements:Business requirements, end-user requirements, functional and non-functional requirements, etc.
Product requirements:Technical requirements, product features, functional requirements, etc.
Indirect requirements:Overhead imposed by organizational or enterprise environments and standards related to security, regulations, infrastructure, industry, etc.

Project Overview Statement (POS)

The POS outlines the project as you perceive it ? what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, and what the value is. Your POS should include the following:

A brief narrative description of the project (problem or opportunity)
Who the client or user is and why they want the proposed project (i.e., an overview of benefits)
A list of other stakeholders
Project goals and objectives
Project assumptions, risks, and obstacles
Overall estimated timeframe
Chapter 6 of the Wysocki text should guide you in developing your POS.

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