Project Procurement Management

Project Procurement Management.

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Wk 2 Discussion 1:

Supply Process Improvements

Examine the steps of the supply process in Chapter 4 of the text and identify a project where improvements could be made in one or more of the steps. Would the project have been more successful with the implementation of any or all of these steps in the supply process?


The text compares supply process to a communication plan in determining what needs to be communicated, to whom, and in what format and time frame. It also lists the steps of the supply process as the following:

  • Recognition of need.
  • Description of the need.
  • Identification and analysis of possible sources of supply.
  • Supplier selection and determination of terms.
  • Preparation and placement of the purchase order.
  • Follow-up and/or expediting of the order.
  • Receipt and inspection
  • Invoice clearing and payment

9.Maintenance of records and relationships.

Please start the discussion by sharing a project you’ve been involved in and have identified one or some of the above supply processes to be deficient or not well plan causing the project to be delayed or to fail.


Johnson, P.F., Leenders, M.R., & Flynn, A.E. (2015). Purchasing and Supply Management. (15th Ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

Wk 2 Discussion 2:


The process of outsourcing the creation of a product or a service is a controversial, yet critical strategic decision for many employers. Describe one example from your professional experience, or that you are familiar with, where a process or function was outsourced. What are the financial implications of this change? Did the quality of the product or service stay the same, improve, or decline?


Few years ago, a company I worked for had gone through a restructuring initiative in an effort to save $1 billion each year in operational expenses. This led to 6,500 layoffs last year and about 1,300 pink slips for 2012 alone. Our manufacturing plant in Mexico had to shut down, and we had outsourced our entire product supply chain to Foxconn in China. We outsourced the design and manufacturing of our product chipsets to Broadcom, something that we used to engineer and produce in-house. Our entire software development cycle and processes were moved to India. The impacts of these changes have been drastic to say the least, and painful to our division as well as our customers. Revenues of our division had plummeted for three quarters in the row as the company continued to struggle to redefine its product portfolios and address some of the business losses caused by the layoffs and the restricting effort.

What has been your experience with outsourcing, and what were the impacts on your company, business unit or quality of the product(s)?


Textbook: Johnson, P. F., Leenders, M. R., & Flynn, A. E. (2015). Purchasing and supply management (15th ed.). Retrieved from

Project Procurement Management

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