PSY 437 DB1

Paper details Week 1 Discussion From the investigations of Freud during the late 1900’s until the present time, theorists have (1) made controlled observations of human behavior and (2) speculated on the meaning of those observations. Differences in the theories these theorists produced are due to more than differences in terminology. They stem from differences on basic issues concerning the nature of humanity. Over the course of the term we will explore how the balance between introspection and empirical study continue to help us (humanity) build our understanding of self and others. Your Task 1. Main Entry: Post a brief analysis of what you have learned from this week’s readings and activities. Start a new thread, and place the header — Name’s Main Entry (e.g., Phyllis’ Main Entry) at the top.

Within the body of your post, clearly identify each segment of the required response in order to facilitate discussion development. a. Moving Beyond the Medical Model: Why do you think psychology moved towards the medical model, and why is it useful in understanding not just human existence [as Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi (2000) suggest] but also what is “good in life?” In comparing and contrasting the medical model approach and the positive psychology approach, how do you think we can best categorize positive psychology (Note: Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi discuss this a bit on pages 7–8). b.

This Week’s Videos: What was your largest “take-away” from the videos we watched this week. c. A Positive Life: In your own words, what are the characteristics of a positive life, and how can they be measured and taught? 2. Post Constructive Peer Feedback: In addition to posting your thoughts to the main entry questions, respond to at least TWO (2) of your classmates’ entries. In 3 or more sentences, provide constructive feedback. Do you have some additional thoughts on the topic? Share them. When providing your feedback present the logic behind it.

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