Psychology Discussion question

Psychology Discussion question.

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Answer the following question related to the “Born This Way” article (Links to an external site.)and the chapter’s section on sexual orientation and gender identity: ANSWER EACH PARAGRAPH WITH MINIMUM 5-8 SENTENCES very DETAILED with EXAMPLES

1. The book explains sexual orientation and gender identity from the binary argument of nature vs nature. The article explores that, but eventual steps away from the binary debate to state that neither should matter, especially considering their rights and protection. What are your thoughts on position? Does the author make a compelling argument? What are some strengths and flaws in the argument? (3 paragraph minimum)

A. Formulate two questions based on the article.

After formulating the 2 questions: Answer the following question with 5-8 sentences minimum.

1. Do you think the “life cycle” effect is more common or the “cohort” effect when it comes to homosexuality?

2. If the number of homosexuals is going to increase in the future, would that affect the number of the population?

Psychology Discussion question

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