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Unit VIII PowerPoint Presentation
For your final project for this course, you will fill the role as a newly hired quality executive at a midsized health system. The health system has developed a bad reputation for a lack of quality in care provided to patients. The board of directors is looking to you to lead efforts in the organization becoming an accountable care organization (ACO). The final project will be a culmination of all the prior assignments. For the final project, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation that will be presented at the organizations’ town hall, where you will present to all stakeholders (community leaders, clinical providers, and other organizational staff). The presentation will be your communication strategy to promote the strategic planning process to all of the stakeholders. The PowerPoint will include the following sections, which can consist of as many slides as needed to present the information: title slide, outline, marketing image, mission and vision,results of the SWOT analysis, strategic analysis—why you/the organization are creating the ACO. (Remember, community leaders will be present, so what is in it for them?), time line of plan, measure of success (Once the ACO is created, how will you measure for success?),and references. You may add additional slides if you feel they add to the presentation (minimum of 12 slides). The title and reference slides do not count toward the minimum of 12 slides. Full sentences should not be used on the PowerPoint slides but rather speaking-point bullets. Each slide should have at least 100-words of speaker notes in the notes section. A minimum of four sources will be used to support the information in your PowerPoint presentation. Use APA style.

Question Help

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