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1. What of these areas discussed by President Reagan do you still see a problem today?

2. Review the Amendments at this link (Links to an external site.). Discuss which three Constitutional amendments are discussed in President Reagan’s speech. Remember this is not a summary of the speech but an analysis of the amendments covered in his speech. State an amendment and then support how it was covered in the speech with solid discussion (at least three amendments should be discussed). (cite any outside resources and provide very minimal direct quotes when supporting your points…use paraphrasing and citing in the text of your document…watch plagiarism).

To know more about Reagan if you are interested please click here for the Reagan Presidential Library Click Here (Links to an external site.)

Please start off by watching this video on you tube.”A Time for Choosing” by Ronald Reagan Duration: (29:33) User

Reagan Speech response: Listen and respond to the (below) video of President Reagan Speech and read the link on the Constitutional Amendments: For this part B of your Discussion board response you will review the following video link in its entirety. Write a paragraph in response to the questions following the video (Total “minimum” of 400-500 words) Watch Video below (view all) “A Time for Choosing” by Ronald ReaganDuration: (29:33)

Question will be posted below

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