quick questions

quick questions.

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For the following questions you may either upload the assignment as a Microsoft word file or type your answer into the text box. Photographs will not be accepted, nor will files sent via email or Canvas messaging. You may use the PowerPoints, your textbook and lecture notes for this quiz. If you use another source you must provide a full citation – including author name(s), date of publication, publisher, etc. and refer to specific page numbers. If this information is not provided you might not receive credit for your answer. However, there is no need to refer to outside sources – everything you need is in your textbook/lecture notes. Partial credit on this quiz is possible. Therefore, you should explain as much of the answer as you can, even if you are unsure of the final answer. Turnitin is activated for this assignment.

1. In the following diagram, which stage is analogous to Mendel’s Law of Segregation? Explain your reasoning.


2. Questions 2-3 refer to the following cross: AABb x AaBb

a. What is the probability that their first child is AABB?

b. What is the probability that their first child is AABB or AAbb?

3. List three sources of genetic variation that we discussed in class.

4. Describe the hypothesis for why the allele for sickle cell disease is very common in humans, despite the fact that it can lead to serious illness, especially in individuals who are homozygous for the allele.

5. What are A, B and C in the figure below?


quick questions

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