QuickBooks Report essay

QuickBooks Report essay.

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For this Portfolio Project option, you must use a QuickBooks sample company and develop a report based on your review. Choose a sample QuickBooks company through QuickBooks and create the tasks following the outline. Include screenshots and descriptions as needed. Ensure that your analyses differ from those provided in Lynda.com or other online sites (conduct your own unique analyses).

Section I: Overview

Provide a general overview of QuickBooks. Make sure the overview provides the reader with a general understanding of the application, including costs, functionality, and minimum system requirements. How does it track the primary information flows within a business?

Section II: Transactional Processing and Data Management

Describe how QuickBooks handles processing the accounting transactions and recording business activities for the revenue, expenditure and financing cycles. You should provide at least one detailed example of how one would record a specific accounting transaction/ business activity for each of the three transaction cycles.

  1. Revenue Cycle Expenditure Cycle Financing Cycle

Section III: Internal Controls

  • How can you as an accountant use QuickBooks enhance internal controls in the company you chose?
  • How can you secure the system and files?
  • What potential security weaknesses exist for QuickBooks?

Section IV: Charts and Graphs

  • How are visualizations formatted and used?
  • Create a chart.
  • Create a data diagram.

Section V: Conclusion and Recommendation

Give your overall impression and recommendation for QuickBooks’ use in accounting.

  • Assignment should follow APA guidelines with respect to use of subheadings, 1″ margins, and double-spaced. Use the CSU-Global APA Instructions (Links to an external site.).
  • Prepare any 7 page report in length (excluding title page and reference page) References need to include your textbook plus two additional credible academic references. All sources used, including your textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations and cited per APA guidelines. Use of the CSU Global library is necessary.

QuickBooks Report essay

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