Reaction paper on bilingual education

You are expected to write a reaction paper no longer than three pages on research article attached pertaining to bilingual education. For this reaction paper, please read, analyse, extrapolate from the article relevant information, and write about how that impacts the speech language pathology field. /0x4*

Graduate level papers must make reference to research/data/opinions from leaders in the field within the body of the paper. It is expected that you will utilize and appropriately cite your text reading in your response. These references must be clearly and accurately cited in the body of your text and also noted on a Reference Page at the conclusion of the paper (in proper APA format).

These citations and references will be utilized to support your position and to link theory to relevant examples of current experience and industry practice. Please consider the ‘80/20 Rule of Thumb’ when writing a paper.

Eighty percent of any paper must be your original work supported by twenty percent citations from various literature sources. Writing Rubric: Content/Development (50%) Subject Matter: • Key elements of assignments covered • Content is comprehensive/accurate/persuasive • Major points supported by specific details/examples

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