Read Monetary, and answer questions.

Read Monetary, and answer questions..

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Read the attached FOMC press. Write a short essay addressing the following questions:

o What are the monetary policy implementation decisions they made in this meeting?

o What are the justifications to make the decisions? That is, what are the reasons they give to implement the monetary policy changes?

o What tools they will use through the Open Market Desk to implement the policy change? Give some details about their directions to the Desk.

o How do you expect the stock market to respond to the news? Check what are the open and close prices of the main stock price indices (NASDAQ, S&P500, Dow Jones) on that day. Is the change consistent with your anticipation? Explain why.

  • Do NOT commit plagiarism!
  • The essay should be written in a Word file within 1 page, andusing 12-point Times New Roman font, single-line spacing, normal margins and justify text. Failure to follow the rules will impact your score negatively.

Read Monetary, and answer questions.

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