The Yellow Wallpaper essay

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Read the 11 short paragraphs on page 320 (5th editon) of “The Yellow Wallpaper” that begin with “He is very careful and loving . . .” and end with “he hates to have me write a word.” (These paragraphs are found on pages 307 and 314 in the 6th and 7th editions, respectively.) In this passage, the narrator describes how her husband treats her and her feelings about her room.

Both the descriptions of her husband and her roomóespecially the wallpaperóindicate how the narrator is feeling emotionally. In a well-organized essay, analyze how the narrator’s description of the setting is linked to both her emotional state and her feelings about her husband. You may wish to consider such literary elements as imagery, tone, and point of view. To support your argument, you’ll need to use direct quotations from the passage, so make sure to have your text available before you begin writing.
PLEASE read the instructions file (you need to read this in order to write the paper) to read as well as additional instructions to follow on that file. In addition to the instructions document, I would like you to include a very Strong thesis please, and reference the thesis again (reword) in the conclusion paragraph. Direct text support in the body paragraphs helps 🙂

This is only for writers that have read the “The Yellow Wallpaper,” otherwise you won’t be able to write the essay. Allow a different writer to do it, if you have not read this story.

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