Real Estate 14 slide Powerpoint

Real Estate 14 slide Powerpoint.

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Throughout this course you will be working toward creating a solid business model for a hypothetical new business venture you are embarking on! Your team is looking for funding for your new business venture and will deliver a presentation to a (hypothetical) group of investors.

Your presentation will include the following:

 PowerPoint Slide Deck – The deck will be comprised of 14 slides including: the first blank (white) slide, an introduction slide, one slide per element (total of 9 elements), a summary slide, a reference slide, and a final blank (white) slide.
 Complete, supporting notes representing each slide – Each slide will have the Notes section completed with at least two cited references detailing the individual element of the BMC as it represents your business. Your grade, in part, will be based on the completeness and thoroughness of each slide’s Notes section.
 Be sure to include your name and email on the bottom of each slide.


Real Estate 14 slide Powerpoint

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