Reflection Essay

Paper details In this essay, you must demonstrate a thoughtful application of something you have learned with a real or hypothetical situation. Select a project management tool, artifact, or concept from the course that has piqued your interest. Think of a business scenario, either based upon your personal experience or some future hypothetical situation in which you might envision yourself playing a role, and describe in an essay how that tool, artifact, or concept could be applied to the business scenario with good effect.

The essay should be 350-500 words in length. Include your name, course, and section, and word count in the upper left corner of the essay. The document should be in Microsoft Word or other word processor formats (no PDF), 12-point Arial font, 1-in margins top, bottom, left, and right. Be sure to cite any sources related to the chosen project management tool, artifact, or concept. Use APA style citations in the body of the essay, then include an APA style bibliography of sources used.

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