Reflection on the development process

Construct a carefully crafted 700-word reflection on the development process leading up to your final project proposal. As you reflect, consider the following questions:

  • What are three of the top challenges you faced as you developed your practicum project proposal? 
    • What was your most significant takeaway from the needs assessment/gap analysis? 
    • What is the value in identifying clinical or practice experts to help achieve your learning objectives?
    • What are two to three challenges you foresee in implementing your proposed project? What is your plan for overcoming these challenges? (Regulated state students should address these questions as if they were planning to implement.)
    • How has working on your practicum project proposal fueled your spirit of inquiry? 
    • How have you applied reflection in development of your practicum project?
    • What is your strategy to negotiate your way into participating in your project proposal’s implementation?
    • What are three things you have learned in this course that you will carry forward to your second practicum course?

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