reflection on videos and reading

reflection on videos and reading.

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  1. Your Reactions: Share your reactions to this week’s readings and videos.
  2. Topical Questions: Choose 1 of the following questions to address:
    • Question 1: Discuss a Key Idea from this week’s list that you find engaging. Share your reactions and thoughts on that concept/term, and what you consider are its implications for making sense of Asian American experiences, past to present.
    • Question 2: Discuss how this week’s readings/videos about race, empire, culture, and Orientalism challenge your thinking about the early context of Asian migration to the U.S.
  3. Further Thinking: Pose at least 2 questions that this week’s readings and videos raise for you.
  4. Post Your Reflection: Address the Talking Points described below in 400 words of less, and post.
  5. Required References: Include references to at least 2 readings and at least 1 video. The purpose of the references is to have you think about specific ideas drawn from the sources in an in-depth manner.……

reflection on videos and reading

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