Remote learning in Chicago during the polio pandemic

We have discussed the article and the picture about remote learning in Chicago during the polio pandemic: “How Chicago Pioneered Remote Learning during an Epidemic — via Radio in 1937”.

We have discussed comparison/contrast essay writing. You are to write a 700-word essay in which you compare and contrast learning during the polio pandemic and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. As with all essays, this must follow MLA formatting guidelines. Refer to the syllabus. You must have a clear introduction and a crystalized conclusion that does not leave the audience asking, “So what?”

In the essay, be sure to describe each point clearly and in detail. Incorporation of anecdotes is appropriate in the body of the essay. Have fun with this assignment. Think of it as your chance to let off some steam, to set the record straight, to warn people, or to make a statement.

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