rental agreement / contract

SLO Project: Prepare a written contract (rental agreement) using the following information ONLY:

Facts: You are the new owner of a small ski resort here in California. The name of the ski resort will include your last name: Example – “Smith Ski Center.” You need to create a contract (rental agreement) for your customers who will be using your ski facility. The agreement / contract covers the rental of skis, poles, and lift-tickets. In addition to all of the general information in the rental agreement / contract: name of your ski facility, name of customer, type / amount of skis, poles, lift ticket information, rental fees, etc. – (Note – the General Rental Information – ski equipment, lift ticket, etc. are not the things I am focusing on. I want to see the protective clauses listed below incorporated into your rental agreement)
The key here!!!! you wish to reduce your legal liability as much as possible – therefore you MUST include the following clauses in your contract / agreement. (Your grade will be based on these legal clauses not the general information). ADD ALL OF THE FOLLOWING CLAUSES to your written contract / agreement. Also – Please add ONE (1) additional legal clauses of your choice – in addition to the ones listed below
All of the below listed clauses below MUST be in your written contract: ( I suggest you look-up / research / Google the below legal clauses)

1. Exculpatory Clause – not responsible for injuries

2. Add an Arbitration clause to your agreement naming AAA (American Arbitration Association) as the arbitrator.

3. Clause – Parties to this contract agree to split the cost of Arbitration

4. A Forum Selection clause – should the matter go to court in spite of the Arbitration clause or on appeal, parties agree to use a California court.

5. Law Governing clause – Law governing any / all litigation will be California state law.

6. Prevailing Party Clause — Should the matter go to a court of law, the prevailing party is entitled to recover reasonable attorney fees.

7. Clause – contract is Severable and / or Divisible clause

8. ALSO – One Additional LEGAL CLAUSE of your choice must be added to your contract. – Note: Please place an * ASTERISK in front of this clause – so I can spot it.

In addition to your on-line discussion with other students here on Canvas – I suggest you use your text book, a law dictionary, and any other legal source – to assist you with putting together your SLO project / written contract. The LACC library, in the law section, has a nice collection of aids on contract formation if interested.

**Do Not, I repeat – do not turn in or create contracts unrelated to the scenario I have given you above! No real estate contracts, apartment rental agreements, retail sales agreements, etc. – you will NOT receive credit for unrelated agreements! Simply follow the instructions above.

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