Reply to another student discussion 2

Reply to another student discussion 2.

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Yes I have another question for you. Can you help me now to reply to another student? The reply could be a list 250 words.

Here is what she wrote

B&M should stand by their decision. No restrictions are placed on the women in the United States because this nation has laws in place that prevent this type of inequality. But look how long it has taken and how much more this nation is trying to improve. Women have fought tirelessly in this country for the opportunity to have a company like B&M employ 50% of their partners as women. This did not happen overnight. The fact of the matter is that many countries are not as progressive as the United States. Men are still looked at as dominant and, in many places, women do not even have basic rights. So, if a trend has been noticed, then how can you expect a company to not make the necessary adjustments? It is unrealistic for the National Organization for Women to expect a company to force their way into an international deal when the other countries are not receptive and then feel disrespected because a woman is included in this process.

Unfortunately, this is “a gray area” and “the system is unfair” but “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” The facts of this situation are that women working for this company are not being discriminated against in The United States however, in other countries they do not allow women to do business. Technically, YES, it is legal. From a female executive perspective, it may seem unfair but from the company perspective it eliminates any negativity from the other country. So YES, it is balanced. Lastly, how does it make me feel? As a CEO, manager etc. knowing that we could go into a deal without hostility, disrespect or disgust I would feel good about this decision. Women executives could still work nationally and internationally just not in countries that it is, essentially, illegal. The company will have a better shot getting the deal closed in those areas and the other country will not feel disrespected. Overall, from a business position the ethics should be to only allow women into country negotiations that don’t pose a threat to their safety and that allow women to actually be a part of the process.”

Reply to another student discussion 2

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