repsonse needed

repsonse needed.

I’m trying to learn for my Social Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

please respond to christina with 200 words:


After reading the virtual lab, I know things could be handled in a much different way; many first reaction would be to yell, or scold but in step two: guidance and positive behavior- 8 to 12 year olds want to appear cool in front f their peers, so that could be one of the reasons Steven is making fun of Edgar. I would set boundaries and let Steven know it is not okay to make fun of Edgar, and how I expect him to act and treat others.I would always reinforce everyday behaviors and broad behavior expectations.

Edgars friends, I would tell then to stop yelling, and try to reason with them all; however I know that at that age, kids are very fond of their peers, and it is normal to want to stick up for their friend.We are teaching that it is not okay to disrespect one another, and to be accountable for your actions.

I will also always use positive reinforcement by giving nonverbal acknowledgment like smiling, and giving thumbs up when students are on the right track. I think by doing this, it helps students practice to always be kind and maybe by doing that it would help kids like Steven not bully kids like Edgar.

repsonse needed

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