Requesting a New Position Report Paper.

Requesting a New Position Report Paper..

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Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, you will prepare a professionally written report that includes three main components:

  1. A position description with competitive salary
  2. A recruitment and selection plan
  3. An evaluation instrument with description of rewards or corrective action plan

I want you to write this report as if you were an HR director presenting it to a board of directors, city council, or county commissioners. This can be any position you choose.

Paper and Presentation Components

Develop a Job Description

For the first part of your paper, the group will prepare a job description. You are to provide the following information for this section of the report:

  • Job/Position Title
  • Name of the Employer
  • Department
  • Title of the position that supervises this position
  • A listing of all the major duties/responsibilities for this position
    • Essential functions
    • Tasks that are needed to accomplish each function
    • Percentage (%) of time for each function
  • Job Qualifications
  • Key Competencies
  • Physical Requirements
  • Job description

Based on the job description, you will need to propose a competitive salary and benefits package. You will need to look at comparable cities to see what types of benefits and salaries they offer for similar positions.

The following link may be used by the group to help them walking through the steps in preparing a job description: Online Job Description Template (Links to an external site.)

Recruitment and Selection Strategy

For the second part of your paper, you will use develop a recruitment and selection strategy. Questions that need to be answered are:

  1. Will your city use an internal committee to hire this position, or will you use an outside firm?
  2. Where/How will you advertise for this position?
  3. How will you work to attract the best candidates for the position?
  4. What criteria will you use to screen applications and applicants?
  5. Will the candidate need to meet people out side the selection committee? If so, how will you do this?

You will also need to design a list of interview questions for your selected position. Use the information we discussed in class to help you form your questions and the Structured Interviews Guide (Links to an external site.) from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management to help generate your interview questions and plan. Be specific about how these questions target the qualifications, competencies, and requirements you are looking for in a candidate.

Employee Evaluation

For the final element of your report, you will prepare an evaluation instrument for this position that your believe best complies with either a behaviorally anchored rating and/or a management by objectives rating evaluation instrument. You can identify instruments through a web or library search and by using the information we discuss in class. Your report must include the actual instrument, and it must also include a 2 to 3 paragraph explanation of why you believe this evaluation instrument represents either a behaviorally anchored instrument or a management by objectives instrument.

In addition to the instrument, you must also develop a proposed plan for rewards and a corrective action plan if needed.

Submission and Assignment Grading

You will combine each of the three elements into a professionally written report.

Requesting a New Position Report Paper.

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