Research Essay

Research Essay.

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Write a research essay about Issac Newton. Use at least one primary source and 5 secondary sources. Additionally, you may use encyclopedia entries and magazine or newspaper articles, but do not count them as one of your six secondary sources, and they must be used sparingly. Other websites, blogs, social media, etc are not permissible.

In your essay, tell the story of your historical person illustrating the way in which he/she shaped or was shaped by transcultural processes (e.g.- trade, commerce, warfare, slavery, migration, religious dissemination, knowledge transmission, artistic aesthic, musical influences). The broader question to answer in it is: What made this person or an aspect of that person’s life transcultural? In what ways were his/her life and his/her experiences were shaped by more than just his/her own culture? How did she/he influence people in other cultures?

It should be 2,000 words and to be written in scholarly style with appropriate footnotes and bibliography in Chicago Style. Page numbers to all citations and quotations are required. It should have a title and thesis. It should have an introduction that describes your topic, question, evidence, and thesis;a main body in which you develop your argument; and a brief conclusion.

The template/ sample essay is attached below.

Research Essay

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