Research Methodology

Research Methodology.

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Student is required to choose a TOPIC for Study and prepare a Research Design / Proposal encompassing all the required fields of design. These are as follows:

  • What is the study about? (training challenges in oman airline )
  • Why is the study being made?
  • Where will the study be carried out?
  • What type of data is required?
  • Where can the required data be found?
  • What period of time will the studied include?
  • What will be the sample design?
  • What technique of data collection will be used?
  • How will the data we analyze?
  • In what style the report will be prepared?

All these points should be grouped as under:

  • Introduction:
  • Statement of Problem:
  • Project Objectives:
  • Sources of Data & Proposed Methodology
  • Relevant Past Studies:
  • Anticipated Problems:
  • Outline of Chapters and expected Duration of Completion:

Research Methodology

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