Research methods in international business

”TITLE”: Explain how Covid influenced the recruiting process into companies for your university students. For first work experiences and internships. How the first work experiences are negatively and positively influenced by smart working.

WHAT TO DO: The student shall add sections to their document to describe and justify to the reader:

1) a hypothesis that will answer their research question;

2) type(s) of data to be collected and analyzed that will allow the student to test the hypothesis; and,

3) which analytical techniques will be used to generate findings and how will these findings be reported? Students will be required to research and justify the type of analysis used and ensure it matches the data type used. Pilot data can be provided or generated to demonstrate how the analysis will be conducted.

(Tip: Evidence of course reading material is not required if used as citation but bear in mind that the course reading material cites the original source and so should you).

The assignment shall be delivered as an unlocked PDF document in 11-point Arial or Calibri font at 1.5-line spacing, normal margin settings (2.54cm), and x of y page numbers in the footer. A word count (excluding the annex) shall be stated on the first or title page of the assignment. Tables and figures may be used to support your work; however, they must be appropriately labelled and integrated within the work. Tables and figures are not included in the word count.

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