Research on two recent News articles

Research on two recent News articles.

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  • Chapter 2

Other Resources:

Swanson, M., Bowen, P., Phillips, A., Gallup, D., & Lynes, D. (2010). NIST Special Publication 800-34 Rev. 1. Contingency Planning Guide for Federal Information Systems. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. National Institute of Standards and Technology.


  • Read this week’s selected chapters
  • Listen to lectures and watch or read the related News on Business Continuity within your industry
  • Review the submission requirements, APA formatting
  • Research assignment topics (keep the focus within your industry)


After selecting your desired industry, research at least two recent News articles concerning a recent event that negatively impacts your selected industry. The article should be no more than Two weeks old. Use the issue presented in the article to submit your work using the guidelines below.


Identify and discuss the event (presented the article) that negatively impact your selected industry, write a one to two-page summary addressing the following questions:

  • Describe the incident?
  • What information was targeted?
  • What changes did the organization made to ensure that this vulnerability has been controlled?
  • Explain why it is important to include end-users in the process of creating the contingency plan?
  • What are some concerns in having the end-users in the process of creating the contingency plan?


All written assignments must be written in APA format and supported with at least three scholar documents (refer to the APA). All response must reflect your identified industry.


For all discussion sessions, your main post should be substantive not to exceed three paragraphs and must include the answers to the questions above. You will be graded on at least two substantive short replies (not to exceed two paragraphs) to your classmates’ posts.

What are the substantive posts?

Your responses should be thoughtful, respectful and stimulate further thoughts and discussions. Substantive posts consist of the following three parts (ABC):

  • acknowledge
  • build
  • continue

Your post should be purposeful and aim to accomplish one or more of the following goal:

Please visit the following for samples of the acceptable discussion post.

1. Substantive post

2. Citations


All posts should follow the APA writing styles. I highly encourage you to stay focus on the discussion topics. Responding to the main focus of the discussion is very important to the overall assignments.

Research on two recent News articles

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