Research Paper about Autism

Research Paper about Autism.

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Choose a short story, play, essay, or film from the Pre-Selected Lists on BlackBoard. Thinking about the subject matter and theme, relate the short story, play, essay or film, to a modern or historical concern. The research is the main layer of the essay; the literature should be used as evidence. Both the research and literature should be woven throughout the entire essay. Please note that this is not a report. Your thesis should be argumentative, and the research and literature should be used to support your thesis idea.

If you choose to use Sorry to Bother You as your research paper topic, choose to write about the film in one of the following ways: 1. Discuss the symbolism in the film and how it is used to portray the intersection of Racism and Classism 2. Discuss the actual historical events or aspects of racism/classism in America that the film alludes to. 3. Discuss how the film portrays the struggles of Black men and Black women. Discuss the differences and similarities that are shown in the film. In your research discuss the differences and similarities in actual(nonfiction, not from the film) history/contemporary times.


Pay close attention to citation and formatting rules.

. Refer to Chapter Nine of your Pearson for Tips on writing this essay.

Choose a topic that’s important to you. Find a message that you want to convey to readers. Develop a thesis that makes sense to you, arises from the piece of literature you choose and incorporates the research. Make sure your message comes through in the conclusion.


1. Essays must be 2.5-4 pages long.

2. Essays must include 3 or more outside sources. Sources can be print or from the MDC databases. Sources can be from the internet, so long as they are reliable resources.

3. Source material must be properly incorporated and properly cited, following MLA formatting guidelines and rules.

4. There must be a balance between the piece of media chosen and the research presented. Thoughtful analysis must show how the two work together to support your thesis.

5. Must include an Annotated Bibliography in place of your works cited page.

Research Paper about Autism

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