Research paper ..any mental disorder

Paper details Final Exam: Research Paper on a Mental Disorder (CSLOs:1-6) The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – 5 is the current tool used by mental health providers to ascertain a possible diagnosis for behaviors that are being exhibited by a patient or client. You are to choose one of the mental disorders and write a 4 page paper about that disorder. Your paper is to include not only the presentation of the behaviors, but also advise (in your opinion) which of the psychological theories could be successful in treating the disorder.

In addition to the theory you choose for treatment, you are to include basic information on how the theory can be applied. If you choose a mental disorder such as Bipolar I or II, schizophrenia, or depression, include in your paper if medication is recommended as part of the treatment plan. You will find information in the textbook that addresses the physical presentations of the disorders; you will find information in the textbook that explains the various theories and how they are applied to patients. Final Exam: Final essay is a research paper on a mental disorder. It must follow APA formatting, have correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and have 4 pages of body text, PLUS the title page and Reference page. Four (4) references in addition to the textbook are to be used. Due: By the end of the d

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