Research Paper: Does Satire Actually Work to Promote Change?

Research Paper: Does Satire Actually Work to Promote Change?.

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QUESTION: “Satire has a purpose beyond derision, ridicule and making fun. As it attacks, it aims not just to slice and dice, but to correct and reform. At the heart of true satire is recognition of a moral discrepancy between what is proclaimed and what is practiced, often with an attempt to remedy it” (Lindvall).

RESEARCH QUESTION: Does satire actually work to promote change?

Final Draft

o 5 – 8 PAGES (not including the Works Cited Page)

o A minimum of 5 reliable outside sources

o A connection to Lamb, by Christopher Moore made in the introduction (only needs to be mentioned once)

Research Paper Final Draft:-100

Thesis statement

Quality of research

Integration of quotations





Level of expertise

Christopher Moore’s Lamb is the basis for your research paper. You will not be researching the novel itself, but digging deep into one of the topics the novel presents. You do not have to write about Lamb, except in your introduction where you will connect the topic and theme to the novel. Some of the topics below require you to involve the text in your body paragraphs.

Below I have attached my research proposal which I have submitted. You may use this to grab a brief understanding of what the paper should be along the lines of.

Research Paper: Does Satire Actually Work to Promote Change?

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