Research the NC Racial Justice Act

Paper details Recently a Cumberland County NC judge issued a historic ruling, finding that racial bias played a role in the trial and sentencing of death row inmate Marcus Reymond Robinson. The ruling means Robinson’s sentence was immediately converted to life without parole. Do you agree or disagree with the decision made by the judge?

Instructions: The paper should should be at least 3-5 FULL pages. Keep in mind that the cover page and reference page does not count towards the 3-5 pages. ▪ Assignments must be typed using a computer word processor. Thus, typographical errors or hand edited corrections are not permissible. ▪ You must have 3-5 scholarly references. ▪ Use the APA (American Psychological Association—7 th Ed.) Style Manual for text (manuscript) and reference page citations of works used or cited. These sites provide a guide to using the APA style • APA

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