Responding to Literature

Paper details Answer the following questions: 1. Metaphysical poets have planty of critics. Many people find the images of metaphysical poetry contrived. Do you agree? Samuel Johnson, an 18th century writer, described metaphysical conceits as “the discovery of occult [hidden] resemblaces in things apparently unlike… the most heterogeneous [dissimilar] ideas are yoked by violence together. Do you think metaphysical conceits work-that is, can you draw meaning from connections they make between dissimilar things? Support your answer with specific examples from poems. You answer should be written in the form of a paragraph and should be at least five sentences long.

2. In “Death Be Not Proud,” Donne personifies death. How does this poem make you feel about death? Does it make death seem more or less frightening? How does it change your perspective on death or dying? Write one -paragraph response. 3. Writers convey their tone through their diction, (word choice), images, figures of speech, and the details they choose to include. hetoric refers to the art of using words effectively to communicate. How does Donne’s tone in “Meditation 17” support the point he is trying to make? Your answer should address what the tone of the passage is and the techniques, (rhetoric), Donne uses to achieve this.

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