response for theatrical performance

response for theatrical performance.

I’m working on a Film question and need guidance to help me study.

It should be 2-3 pages. It should be your opinion of the work but the opinion should be an informed one. “I liked it because it was good” is not an informed opinion.

Paragraph one should deliver the thesis. What is your opinion of the work? Give some general notion as to why you feel that way. It should have embedded the name of the production you attended as well as the venue (name of the theatre) and date. It would be good if it began with some kind of an interesting hook that draws the reader into the piece.

The middle section of the paper should tells the why of your opinion and give examples, specific examples from the play. For instance, if you write, “The characters were compelling in their complexity.” You might add “the character Joe, was a deeply flawed man for whom, nonetheless, I felt a great deal of sympathy.” Writing “I liked the characters.” is not enough.

In the middle section of the paper go deeper into the opinions you expressed in the first paragraph. Give examples. Write about some of the drama or production elements we spoke of in class and/or that you read about in your reading from the textbook. Drama elements are things like character, story, theme, and mood. Production elements are things like acting, directing, lighting, set design and costuming.”

The last paragraph should be a concluding one. It needs to sort of wrap things up. It might include sentences like, “The show is running for three more weeks. Go see it! Or “I wonder what this play would be like in a professional theatre rather than a middle school auditorium.” Or “This play might delight a ten year old but for me, it seemed childish and repetitive.” Do not use these exact sentences. I only give them to you as an example.

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response for theatrical performance

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