response needed

response needed.

I don’t know how to handle this Social Science question and need guidance.

please respond to harmony with 200 words

1) Child/youth growth and development :
I volunteer at my child’s elementary school and I do various things with the children. I read with them. I engage with them at creative play and I have a better understand of my six year old when I can see the similar behaviors with the other child as well.
2) Learning environments and curriculum :
So I’m in the process of obtaining a state license to run an in home daycare. I’m writing my own curriculum and actives for each age group which consists of birth to 12. I have to have materials for every age group and in every category. That’s whoa I’ve been working on patrol to this class and other classes.
3) Child youth& assessment :
Previously with the observations and interviews I’ve had to do in my child development classes I have learned what it is to be in observation mode. I think this makes me a better caregiver/ mom because I can step back and identifying little clues and observe in a different light.
4) interactions with children and youth:
On one of my child observations , I seen how critical is it to have a comfortable open line of communication through the high quality caregiver and the parents . They were discussing how the child sleep patterns were off and the child’s siblings were sick so to be on the look out for symptoms and it was that communication that made the caregiver aware of why the child was fussy .. in my parent polices I urge mother ,fathers , and or any other caregiver to please talk to me openly so that we can all be on the same page.
5) Youth engagement:
I am my 14 year old nieces mentor. She tells me things she doesn’t tell anybody. She trusts me. I am constantly working with her emotional and social decisions and making her really find her own moral compass. She has weak parent and he doesn’t engage with her so I’m her only outlet. I protect our relationship so she at least has someone.
6) cultural competency :
When I open my doors to my daycare I will deeply respect any culture and welcome them into my home with creating a welcoming and respectful environment .. I am already obtaining a waiting list and my first person in my neighbor from Kenya. She wears cultural clothing that I’m in awe of . I can’t wait until she can share her culture with me and our little community.
7) family, school and community relationships.:
Well being in my child’s PTA for my second year I volunteer a lot of my time building patterns hips with with local goods people and our pta and our school. It’s a small community so it’s a close connection and high respected.
8) safety and wellness:
Once again with my daycare I am learning to do fire drills and have fire extinguishers mouthed and exits clearly marked. Along with medical aid bag and I was just verified last weekend to do CPR. I am licensed for two years.
9) program planning and development :
With my daycare I am planning each and every day. I am considered lead teach so I construct their curriculum and actives are all learning based but I’m a learn through play house so it’s fun planning activities and crafts around learning.
10) professional development:
This is myself. My last semester was child development classes. This semester I had two separate child development classes and next semester I have more classes. I am committed to provide high quality care and be the change I want to see. So being educated about child development in all stages is intriguing to me. I enjoy learning about it because it also helps me be a better mother in understanding them.

response needed

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