Response of a Racial Consciousness 101 panel

Response of a Racial Consciousness 101 panel.

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For this assignment you will either attend the Oct. 1st Racial Consciousness 101 panel or view the recording and produce a 2-page, double spaced reflection on the event. Your reflection should briefly summarize the key points, issues, and topics addressed by the Oct. 1st panel and must also include direct connections to our course.

The recording link:

ADDITIONAL INFO: Whether you attend the panel or view the recording at a later date, you will want to take note of the important themes, topics, and issues raised by the panel. Remember, they have crafted their thoughts in direct response to the anonymous surveys that our class and other classes completed earlier this semester. You need to specifically pay attention to the ways in which the themes, topics, and ideas relate to our course themes and demonstrate those connections in your written response. The following questions might be useful to guide your initial response:

How are the panelists discussing gender, sex, and sexuality?

How does race impact or further complicate issues of gender, sex, and sexuality?

How has Miami’s institutional culture enabled systems of inequality to persist in the past? What about contemporarily?

Is intersectionality being discussed? How?

Are issues of ability, class, and/or age being addressed?

What are some of the strategies or suggestions being advocated by the panelists?

Note: your reflection should be written as a cohesive narrative, not a bulleted list of questions and answers.

MAKING DIRECT CONNECTIONS: In addition to critical reflection, your writing must clearly demonstrate direct connections to our course. This does not mean that you must cite sources or authors from our class, but rather that your reflection must directly address the ways in which you understand how the themes brought up by this panel connect to at least one, or more, themes that guide our course. These connections must be thoughtful, it is not sufficient to say “The panel talked about racism which, like the sexism we have been learning about, is bad.” A thoughtful connection is deeper than a surface level association.

Response of a Racial Consciousness 101 panel

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