Response to classmates response

Response to classmates response.

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Initial Question

Transferring strategic plan into a reality can take more than planning. Provide an example of a leader who has transformed strategic plan into a reality? How did they innovate and lead the company? What can you learn from this person?

My Response

Implementing Strategic Planning

In pursuit of competence and efficiency, the organization may be prompted to strategize the manner of doing things. The actualization of the strategies means that the organization will allocate the resources and make plans to achieve a particular goal. The implementation implies the change of various approaches in the organization. Steve Job’s company, Apple, has exemplified the possibility of implementing the strategic plans through the implementing of the total quality management plan.

Through public advocacy, Apple has been able to meet the clients’ expectations. Steve Jobs initiated a mission to develop products that are as appealing as any other object that people care about. According to Olson (2018), the development of quality products led to enhanced customer experience in Apple Company. The public advocacy aims at basing the plans on the goals of the audience (Coffman & Beer, 2015). Therefore, the retention of the clients has been made possible by the development of customized products. As a result, Apple has thrived through the very competitive market of technological tools ad devices.

From the approach that Apple Company applied in the implementation of the strategic plans, one can deduce several lessons. Firstly, the strategies formulated, particularly on the technology field, should be based on the expectations of the client. Secondly, public advocacy helps the investor in the appropriate allocation of resources.


Coffman, J., & Beer, T. (2015). The advocacy strategy framework. Washington, DC: Center for Evaluation Innovation.

Olson, E. W. (2018). TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT & APPLE SUCCESS. In Proceedings of the International Annual Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management. (pp. 1-7). American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM).

Respond to this

Total Quality Management (TQM) is a great strategy for organizations to adopt. Using a method such as this can reduce unnecessary waste, rework, etc. and keep costs low while still giving the consumer a great product. Apple has done a great job with their quality. I have never purchased a product from them and been disappointed. Along with the quality of their product they have great marketing on their products. Very clean and simple. This makes their products quick to identify and easy for the consumer to comprehend. Because of this strategy, other companies have started to follow Apple’s trends. They are a great example of going from a basic strategy plan, and putting that plan to work.

APA 100 words, one reference

Response to classmates response

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