Restaurant Evaluation Written Report

Restaurant Evaluation Written Report.

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Please write a 4-5 page report on this restaurant’s safety and sanitation related information. Restaurant name: Sushi Burritos #5, placed in Utah. Double spaced, 12 point font, TimeNew Roman. Detailed information about what to write about is pasted below.

Answer the following questions based on your observations from the photos attached:

The Foodservice Establishment Information

• Name of the foodservice establishment

• Location

• Hour of operation

• Type of service (full service, quick service, family dining, etc.)

• Type of cuisine (American, Chinese, Mexican, etc.)

Your detailed observations on Curbside appeals




Address at least five (5) problems regarding safety and sanitation of the selected foodservice facility (use observation guidelines to answer this question).

Based on your investigation, develop a minimum of five (5) recommendations for improvements based on the problem on previous question. You also need to explain why the foodservice establishment should change in these directions, which must be supported by class materials or other researches.

References must be in APA format and cited throughout paper as well as in final reference page. Pictures must be named and labeled as figures. Tables and figures must also be named and labeled. APA style is available on Canvas.

Restaurant Evaluation Written Report

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