Results & Discussion

Results & Discussion.

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Scientific Project: Results and Discussion Learning Objectives: 1) Identify patterns in personal health-related data collected. 2) Evaluate the literature relating to a personal health topic. 3) Compare personal results and trends to those found in the literature. 4) Identify and explain limitations that were present during the experiment. Instructions: For this section of your scientific project, you are expected to present and discuss your results using published, scholarly, scientific literature. Please use the following 3 subheadings to receive full credit: 1) Hypothesis Restate your hypothesis to clearly identify your independent and dependent variables. 2) Results You are expected to state your results in paragraph form. Your results must be presented in complete sentences. You must complete the following to receive full credit: • At least 1 paragraph regarding the results you found. This should not only present your data, but also any changes you found (if any) from before the experiment to after the experiment. • At least 1 visual representation of your data (graph, chart, figure). This visual representation should enhance your written word, not replace it. Tables of data (such as those used in Final Data Collection) will NOT be accepted as visual representation 3) Discussion For this part of your project, you are expected to discuss your findings in relation to other published scientific literature on the topic. Think of this section as a “compare and contrast” of your work to published scientific literature. You must use scholarly, scientific research articles published in academic journals. Websites of any kind, blog posts, and other nonacademic sources are not acceptable. Remember to CITE YOUR SOURCES IN AMA FORMAT. Be careful of automated citation generators, as they often make mistakes in proper formatting. Please refer to this website for information on how to format your in-text citations as well as your reference list: There is no length requirement for this section, however a thorough, comprehensive evaluation and discussion of your findings is expected, and difficult to achieve in less than 1 page. To receive full credit on this section, your paper must include the following: • ALL literature discussed must come from academic journals. • Information from other sources must be stated in your own words to demonstrate comprehension. Using quotation marks to “give credit” to the author does not demonstrate your understanding of the material. • Insightful comparisons should be made between your findings and those of at least 3 other scientific articles. • Discuss your findings in relation to your hypothesis – did your results reveal what you had predicted? Why or why not? • Multiple limitations of your experiment must be discussed AND explained (including but not limited to: # of participants, time frame, confounding variables, difficulty with adherence, etc.)

Results & Discussion

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