rethinking research paper with analysis paragraph. A fun poem that reaches out to parents and children about the benefits of online learning, using academic research paper to reach a different audience (parents and children)

For this assignment you will use the research paper I provide, and write a poem trying to reach a different audience. The audience you will try to connect with in this poem is parents and children. The audience from the paper was academic. This poem should connect with parents and children about how online learning is just as good as face to face. I will upload the instructions and research paper to better assist you with this assignment. But I want to make it clear that the poem option has already been selected, and the audience has already been selected as parents and children. Once you write this poem, an analysis paragraph has to follow. Make sure the poem covers everything you need to get your point across, and make sure the analysis paragraph is atleast 1/2 a apage.

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