Review response

Review response.

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Draft of Literature Review

The goal of this discussion is to provide an opportunity for you to receive feedback on your literature review before you submit it as part of your assignment in Unit 9.

Use your Evaluative Annotated Bibliography with a focus on critiquing resources assignment from Unit 5 as a starting point. View the media piece, Principles and Procedures for Writing a Literature Review, provided in the Resources. The following instructions are for the entire literature review; in this discussion, you will post only your first 800 words.

Use the Capella library Dissertations and Thesis database to find a Capella dissertation from our Studies in Human Behavior program. Then, look at the literature review to see how it synthesizes material in topics to help you with your writing.


  1. Incorporate some information from your Evaluative Annotated Bibliography but do not include any paragraphs from your former work. This constitutes academic dishonesty and can negatively impact your grade for this assignment.
  2. Review the ideas from the literature and consider their impact on, and relevance to, your work. Your critique of information found in the bibliography should provide strong support for your work.
  3. Consider the authors’ viewpoints and how their research might have differed had they used a different geographic location, culture, age group, or gender.
  4. Develop a strong review that integrates ideas instead of merely reporting on each article. This means that, rather than simple article summaries, you are striving to integrate, or synthesize, ideas from multiple sources to suggest potential new insights into your topic. So if Jones (2009) mentioned the use of sunlight in Alzheimer’s patients’ responses to the environment and Johnson (2013) mentioned the use of the sound of water in Alzheimer’s patients’ responses to the environment, your literature review should incorporate that information to provide something like: “Jones (2009) and Johnson (2013) have indicated similar results using environmental factors such as sunlight and water, respectively. Their discoveries lend credence to the possibility of rehabilitating Alzheimer’s patients in environmental contexts that include more natural elements than a nursing home.” You can see how this information comes together with a new focus for you.
  5. Develop a summary of your review. How is it appropriate for your research question? How is it lacking in information? What refutation of these ideas have you discovered?

Review response

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