Revision of An Essay about Games Journalism Dossier

Revision of An Essay about Games Journalism Dossier.

Can you help me understand this Writing question?

Please follow the instruction and revise my essay.

The basic parts are here, but there’s not much development at all in the final piece (the piece on games and culture), and the differentiation between the first and section pieces isn’t clearly defined. The formal review should match to the style of a known games journalism outlet (like IGN or Polygon– something similar). What you end up with is a piece that does a decent job of covering League of Legends and the launch of that event, but the reviews and the cultural commentary sort of melt into the event/news story aspect of the assignment. If you can tighten up your game reviews, that would help your grade significantly.

The original instruction of this essay:

This will be a collection of four pieces. They are:

1) A formal game review targeted to an existing games journalism venue (a magazine or website). This should be written with journalistic standards. I expect you to list your potential venue with the submission, and I expect the submission to seem appropriate for that venue.

2) An informal, or personality-based, game review. This would be more like a personal blog, or a Vlog sort of response. This can be much more embedded in the culture of the scene surrounding the game in question, and unlike the formal game review, you can use slang and/or profanity here.

3) A news piece about a game event. This could be a game release, a competition, an expansion, something that happened in/to/with/because of a game.

4) An opinion piece about games as relates to culture (gender, race, social class, politics, globalism, etc.)

How you’ll be graded:

To get up to a B, you need create everything here and at least one of the four pieces has to read as above-average quality, as on par with the sort of thing that would be considered for publication or that would draw readership online.

And for my achievement hunters, to get your 100% (A) and kill the boss, you need do well enough with each of the pieces that I could believe they might be published somewhere.

Note: if you can get one of the four pieces published by someone (not your own blog or a friend’s blog, but by a website with some reputation online), and you have at least completed the other three, you will automatically get all points.

Revision of An Essay about Games Journalism Dossier

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