Female lead characters

Paper details read following plays/ stories- Fantomina also which is included in attachment https://www.katechopin.org/pdfs/desirees-baby.pdf https://www.gutenberg.org/files/2542/2542-h/2542-h.htm Your paper must include the following: Write a paper in which you analyze ALL of our female lead characters – Louise Mallard, Désirée, Nora, and Fanotmina. You can devote one body paragraph to each. The key for this option will be to find a common theme or element that ties all four characters together, so you will need to step back to start seeing the patterns/connections. Then you will zoom back in to interpret by engaging in close reading of passages.

Provide multiple quotes from the literature in each body paragraph to support your points, make sure to analyze passages on an inferential/interpretive level, and don’t forget to “read between the lines.” • An introduction that provides relevant background information and ends with your thesis statement • A minimum of four body paragraphs that defend your thesis statement • A minimum of three references from reliable sources; one must be a scholarly, academic article, and all must be cited at least once in the paper •

A conclusion that reaffirms your thesis statement and • All papers must be six paragraphs long, including an introduction paragraph, four body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. • The introduction should provide basic background info on the author(s) and the story/stories and end with your thesis statement (the principal argument you’re making about the literature in your analysis). • The four body paragraphs should delve deeply into the inferential/interpretive level by analyzing specific passages from the story/stories.

• The paper must include a minimum of three references from reliable, academic sources, all of which are cited at least once in the paper, but we’ll talk about this more in a future week. You won’t need any research at all for the outline that’s due this week. • The conclusion is the place to address the literature on an evaluate level (zooming out of the story and looking at how the ideas are relevant in the real world). The first sentence of the conclusion, though, should be a restatement of the thesis (though expressed in different words). • Formatting, citations, and references must all adhere to APA style addresses wider implications • Formatting, citations, and references must all adhere to APA style Remember that you are required to include a minimum of five sources. At least three of those sources must be scholarly, academic articles. The others may come from the Web, but they must meet reliability standards. Female Analysis rough draft is attached, this is the paper that needs revision the following is feedback from professor on what needs to be revised:

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