Rewrite the essay as Final draft

Rewrite the essay as Final draft.

I’m trying to study for my English course and I need some help to understand this question.

Last time, you help me to write the rough draft. Yet my professor still didn’t like the structure of the essay. I got the comments and feedback. I hope you could learn how to meet my professor’s requirements from these feedback and comments. Meanwhile, the essay’s topic is “To what extent does Cobb’s analysis of the Black Lives Matter movement advance, challenge, or complicate Gladwell’s argument about social media activism?”. My professor hope I can focus on only one idea, the relationship between Cobb’s analysis and Black Matter Movement, either is advance or challenge (complicate can be seen as both of them-advance and challenge). Since I don’t have enough time to rewrite the essay. Could you please try you best to reconstruct and rewrite as a final essay? This essay is extraordinary important and necessary.

Rewrite the essay as Final draft

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