Help me study for my Computer Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

This week you have the final full video lecture for the course. Watch the video lecture and there is also important information on completing the final for the course to enhance your success. For the final you will submit a Word document in APA format to address the following questions from the textbook:

Chapter 31: Operational Risk Management Case Study

Respond to the following questions on pp. 557 – 558 of your Textbook. The exam questions are:

1.) Question 2, p. 557

2.) Question 3 & 4, p. 558

3.) Question 5, p. 558

4.) Question 6, p. 558

25 points per exam question.

80% – Content development: includes the development of the response, use of techniques, and full explanation of your work.

20% APA Style for references (in-text citation and References are to be applied to each question

Here is the google drive link for the video lecture


attached the text book


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