Role has a HIM Director at Hospital.

Role has a HIM Director at Hospital..

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For this Assignment, you will be answering questions related to the following scenario:


M1A1: Module 1 Assignment

Bringing ROI in-house

You are two months into your role as the HIM Director at Indiana Tech Hospital. You report to the Chief Financial Officer for the hospital who has informed you that the hospital will no longer be outsourcing the ROI services through a third party vendor. Due to an increasing number of complaints received and increasing backlog of pending requests, it has become necessary to bring the ROI service back in house. The HIM department will be responsible for the staffing, execution, and management of all ROI services for Indiana Tech hospital. As you consider this undertaking, please complete the following questions/tasks:

  • List all of the managerial functions that will be requiredas you undertake this project. For each function, select at least one tool that can be used to support the function. Include a justification for why you selected the tool. Be as inclusive as possible. You can fill in the below table. Add as many new rows as needed!
  • To ensure the transition is successful, you’re going to chair a committee to help coordinate and manage the transition. Identify all cross-functional members you will invite to serve on this committee. State their organizational title/role and then describe their function/contribution they will serve on the committee? Add additional role to the table as needed!
  • In 3-5 detailed paragraphs, identify the stakeholders (both internal and external) impacted by this project. Further identify any external organizations or agencies that would serve as a resource to this project. Describe how the organization/agency would contribute to the success of the project, and impact the stakeholders involved. Be sure to site reference to the resources you use.






Grading Rubric Criteria


Listing of all functions including tool/justifications


Justifications are described In detail

Committee Members and functions/contributions identified

Functions/contributions described in detail


Detailed discussion of external organizations/resources (3-5 paragraphs)


Written component is free of any spelling or grammatical errors


Role has a HIM Director at Hospital.

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