Sales Planning Report

Sales Planning Report.

I’m studying and need help with a Business question to help me learn.

I attached two files, one is the guideline and the other is an example of what I want with the company that I was assigned.

The company is Palmolive and the products are all the shampoo’s they offer


The company that I will try to do business with is Super 99, a supermarket from Panama.

This is the site and history from Super 99.

Super 99 site

The supermarket’s site is in Spanish, so anyways I will translate some of the info here.

-The Wong Chang family founded a company identified as Warehouse 99, which was dedicated to the hardware and sewer trade. Later the company is acquired by Empresas Martinelli, SA in 1986 and it is at this time that the SUPER 99 was born, changing the structure and service that was provided previously, for a service that projected to the consumer a typification according to the characteristic of a supermarket with the best products and the best prices.

I need it to be focused on the variety of the shampoo’s that I will sell, add other needs.

Sales Planning Report

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