sas problem

sas problem.

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The data in the file SBP_Measures come from participants in a study for cardiovascular disease and high systolic blood pressure (SBP). SBP measurements were taken at four different times by trained study staff using an electronic monitor and recorded. Use the data dictionary below, complete the data rearrangement necessary for analysis, and answer the questions about the participants in this study. You must submit all of your code for credit (copy and paste into the Word document).


ID: study ID – one ID per participant

Gender: 1=male, 2=female

Diabetes: 1=yes, 2=no

SBP: systolic blood pressure taken at visits 1, 2, 3, and 4

Question 1. Use the LIBNAME statement to assign a libref (name the libref with your initials, e.g. SR for Shonda Rhimes). Download and save the data file SBP_Measures.xlsx. Import the data file as a permanent SAS dataset named SBP_LONG, stored in the SAS library associated with your libref.Below, please copy and paste the SAS code for the LIBNAME statement, IMPORT procedure (if you used the import wizard you still need to save and include the generated code) and log. [2 points].

Question 2. These data were collected with a new observation (line) for each visit for every participant to record the SBP value at that visit. In other words, there are 4 observations per study ID. Using the TRANSPOSE procedure, create a new temporary dataset named “YourInitials_SBP_WIDE” that has all 4 SBP values on one line for each study ID. (Hint: The dataset is long and needs to be made wide.) Below, please copy and paste the SAS code and log. [2 points]

Question 3. High blood pressure for this study is defined as having a SBP greater than 130 on ANY of the four SBP measures. Using an array and do loop, identify if each participant is classified as having high blood pressure or not (Hint: you will have to create a new variable). Use proc print to print the output for the following study IDs: 1135, 1006, and 1781. Below, please copy and paste the SAS code, log and proc print output. [2 points]

Question 4. Determine the following. Please include SAS code and log.

A. Percent and number [1 point]:

Those classified as High SBP: _______

Those classified as Low SBP: _______

B. Mean age±SD [1 point]:

Those classified as High SBP: _______

Those classified as Low SBP: _______

C. P-value for testing if there is a difference in age between those with high and low SBP (report to 4 decimal places) [1 point]:


D. Test used for p-value (Hint: using normality rules) [1 point]:


sas problem

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