Scientific Research Paper

Scientific Research Paper.

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The general guidelines for the paper are as follows: select a topic that interests you – this can be based on your location, your activities, or your lifestyle – and write a research paper indicating the impact of climate change on your particular subject of interest.

APA format (no abstract required)

typed and double spaced with 1″ margins all around
first page is a title page
page number with a running head
list of references on a separate page
five pages of text in addition to the title and reference pages
There is a lib-guide in the library resources, containing a partial list of resources, such as the New York Times, Scientific American, National Geographic, and more, you may also use websites. In addition, there are numerous books, and journals dealing with climate change. Some books will present overwhelming evidence for the human contribution to Global Warming while others will present a contrary view: either it doesn’t exist, or it is a natural cycle which isn’t affected by the anthropogenic contributions of the greenhouse gases. No matter which position you take, be prepared to back it up with good sources of information.

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Scientific Research Paper

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