session 12 part 1

session 12 part 1.

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For 12 weeks, or so, we’ve been reading and interpreting a lot of research. Last week, we started to shift toward the interesting idea of making research – and, not just that, but the kind of research that might really matter for practice, and contribute to our working knowledge as teachers.

This week, I want to introduce a framework for thinking about how we meld these ideas about systematic inquiry and research, and reflective, evidence-driven practice. That framework is improvement science.

We’ll talk more about the actual framework later – first, though, I want you to talk a bit about the Bryk (2015) article. After you read it, answer the following questions in your first discussion post:

First – what is Tony’s core argument? What is he saying in this keynote?

Second – does Tony’s argument make sense to you? Why, or why not?

Finally – do you think Tony’s proposal is a workable model for public education (or, if you’re not in public ed – your own work)?

session 12 part 1

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