Short Assignment

Short Assignment.

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Part 1

Read this article on the effect of exercise on the brain and write a one paragraph, double-spaced summary of it.

Make sure to include the article title in quotation marks (per MLA format) and the author’s name.

In the last few sentences, you can reflect on your opinions about it, but make sure you first adequately summarize the author’s points.

Article Link

Part 2

Answering the following questions.

  1. What are two examples of the primary research sources?
  2. What are two examples of the secondary research sources?
  3. Who pays for library databases, according to the chapter?
  4. Facts on File contains data as far back as what year?
  5. Read the description of Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center database. Why might this database be helpful to you if you have an essay to write about a current issue you have no strong opinion on?
  6. Rather than simply using Wikipedia as an encyclopedia, in which database can you find encyclopedia articles?

Short Assignment

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