Short Essay Questions

Short Essay Questions.

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Students may use their textbooks to answer the following questions. Since the exam is open book, each question should be answered thoroughly with a minimum of ten sentences. Make sure to cite the source(s) within the question. Please utilize the questions as headers:

1. When reviewing various assessments such as FACES, DASS, clinical interview, etc., how do you take into account the relevance of these assessments as it relates to the culture diversity of your clients? Discuss any biases or stereotypes you may have towards specific cultures.

2. Define religion and spirituality, and explain how they are similar and different. Discuss the specifics of how you will assess spirituality and/or religion and its influence on the family system. Include specific questions you might ask related to developmental stages, values, faith, or how spirituality affects the family system.

3. Discuss the importance of assessing the developmental stages (life cycle) of family members. Discuss how the counselor needs to be mindful of the developmental stage of each family member, and how the counselor will address the life cycle in counseling.

4. Discuss the importance of why counselors need to be familiar with the Family Codes. What do counselors need to know about Intimate Partner Violence (domestic violence), and what are some questions counselors need to ask to assess for family violence. What signs do they need to look for when counseling families?

5. Review Chapter 21 (Walsh), and discuss which assessment(s) you would use with your clients and why. Discuss the importance of using formal assessments rather than just using a clinical interview.

6. A client calls you to make a counseling appointment, which includes the couple and their two children (ages 8 and 11). Discuss the specific steps of what you will tell the client prior to the first session.

7. Explain what the first session entails, and the specific areas the counselor needs to assess.

8. Explain Gottman’s four horsemen, and how this information is beneficial in assessing couples.

9. Based on your readings from this class, what characteristics make up normal family functioning.

10. Compare and contrast the Circumplex Model, The McMaster Measures, and the Beavers Systems Measures by providing specific examples of their similarities and their differences. State which of the above assessment you would use and why you think it’s beneficial to couples or family therapy.


Walsh, F. (2012). Normal family processes: Growing diversity and complexity (4th ed.). New York: Guilford Press. ISBN 978-1-462-50255-4.

McGoldrick, M., Gerson, R., & Petry, S. (2008). Genograms: Assessment and intervention (3rd ed.). New York: W.W. Norton Publishing. ISBN 978-0-393-70509-6.

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Short Essay Questions

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